Safari Holidays – Luxury Holidays in Africa

Safari Holidays is one of the most popular holiday activities these days. The main aim is watching wild animals living in their natural habitat. The first commercial desert safari dubai began in Kenya. In African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia, and Botswana, safaris are an important way of generating economic growth.

There are different types of safari infrastructure. Some are just small tented camps that are seasonal and removed in the rainy season. Others are permanent structures and these might have 100 or more rooms.

The main aim of the Safari Holidays is to see the “Big Five”. The “Big Five” is a term which was used in the days when hunting was one of the popular pastimes. The term refers to elephants, leopards, lions, rhinos, and buffaloes. Before going out on safari one needs to prepare a lot.

Best Time For Safari In Kenya

Kenya Safari is the most popular among all these safaris. To enjoy the trip, you should know the best time for safari in Kenya.

* Dry Season: The dry season is one of the best times to view the annual migration from Serengeti to Masai Mara of the wildebeest. This is usually in August or September.
* Rainy Season: The Rainy season is in November, April, and May. The lodging prices are quite low during this period as tourist arrivals are low at this time.
* Throughout The Year: Animals are easily spotted at the Sambura National Reserve as they are attracted towards the Ewaso Ngiro River. The trip to this area can be made anytime in the year.
* December And Between March: Trips can be planned to Kakamega Forest National Reserve between December and March.
* From October To January: Bird watching is quite popular at Tsavo East National Park from October to January.

Different Safari Styles

While on Safari Holidays, you can opt for any type of Safari as per your requirement:

* Lodge Safari: The Lodge Safari provides the traveler with good facilities and comfort. These are permanent structures made of bricks, stone, wood, and topped with thatched grass. This type of safari includes the three meals, tea, snacks, and beverages. It also includes two game drives in a day like walking or tracking.
* Permanent Tented Safari: This is one of the most perfect safari experiences. This is similar in price to Lodge Safari. The tented camps are in remote regions of Africa. These have tented bedrooms with attached private bathrooms. Luxurious tents are also available. These have swimming pools too. This safari also includes three meals, games drives, and much more.
* Mobile Safari: In the mobile safari, the staff is available to do routine tasks and you can enjoy maximum time. Tents have an interesting dome shape. Everybody enjoys the meals around the table together. Beverages are included in the cost.
* Fly In Safaris: Fly in Safari saves time and also offers you an aerial perspective. These are gradually becoming commonplace.